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Access Raspberry Pi Remotely

· 10 min read
Dominik Nowak
CTO @ Husarnet

This blog post is an all-in-one setup guide for all of you interested in having both over the internet (remote) and LAN access to SSH terminal for your Raspberry Pi.

  • ⛔ no port forwarding on your router
  • ⛔ no static IP needed
  • ⛔ no VPN server configuration

We start from installing the Raspberry Pi system image, then go through configuration of Wi-Fi connection, finishing on establishing VPN network between your laptop and Raspberry Pi.

Let's start!

access raspberry pi ssh terminal remotely using a VPN

ESP32 OTA Over The Internet

· 5 min read
Dominik Nowak
CTO @ Husarnet

There are a lot of examples on the internet about how to perform OTA (Over-The-Air firmware update) to your ESP32 as long as your chip is in the same LAN as your computer.

While Husarnet is basically a VPN software which works not only on your laptop, but also on your ESP32, it's easy to port exisitng OTA examples to work over the Internet. I'll show you how to to that.