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Biggest Cloud Security Threats and Breaches

· 11 min read
Filip Kramarczyk
CEO @ Husarnet

Security of IT infrastructures was never a joke. There were always bad actors that wanted to exploit it for personal or business gain. Today, when serious portions of data, and even whole infrastructures are migrated to the cloud, it’s especially important to take care of your resources.

Cloud security

Hopefully, the following list of the biggest cloud security breaches could be helpful. We will highlight the changing nature of attacks, as well as provide examples of the most famous ones. We will also go through current, most important threats.

Decentralized IoT - device as a server

· 6 min read
Filip Kramarczyk
CEO @ Husarnet

If you are planning an IoT network, you have a couple of decisions to make. Both technical and business in nature. One of them is choosing the roles that your devices will be playing in the scheme. Should an IoT device act as a client or a server? And what if you could create an IoT server accessible through the internet on a microcontroller? A decentralized IoT?

telepresence robots

Let’s save the best for last. For now, let’s focus on the roles themselves. Let’s face it – currently, almost all IoT devices on the market are clients, not servers. The server is singular, and it’s an IoT platform to which all clients are connecting to.

Husarnet is NOW Open Source

· 7 min read
Dominik Nowak
CTO @ Husarnet

We have great news for many of you who like the idea of fast, peer-to-peer networks consisting of devices of any scale, but are sceptical of Husarnet's closed source policy.

Husarnet Client is now Open Source

Your feedback convinced us that going open source is the right decision. And therefore we are happy to officially announce that Husarnet Client is now open source and available on our GitHub page.

The goal of this blog post is to tell our story about what led us toward this big change.

Telepresence Robots – The Future of Robotics

· 5 min read
Filip Kramarczyk
CEO @ Husarnet

Did you ever want to be in two places at the same time? Who wouldn’t want to do that? Being able to multiply and handle many things at the same time sounds like a fantastic idea. Teleportation is yet to come but the market developed the next best thing – telepresence robots.

telepresence robots

You don’t have to look far for examples of telepresence robots. Medicine and education are natural choices here. The whole idea behind the concept is that a robot can be present in one room, one city, country, and sometimes even a continent, however the person operating it – someplace else. A doctor operating on a patient in the U.S while physically being in the U.K. A teacher launching an experiment in class while being on a semi-sick leave. That’s not the future, that’s 2021.