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Peer-to-Peer VPN to connect your laptops, servers or microcontrollers over the Internet with zero configuration.

Connect Your Devices. Directly.

Your devices with Husarnet Client installed communicate with each other directly, without any central server forwarding traffic. That is a true low latency, peer-to-peer connection over the internet.

Husarnet at it's core is a Software Defined Network (SDN). All the data forwarding (data-plane) is handled by Husarnet Clients andHusarnet Base Servers and all the logic (control-plane) is configured using Husarnet Dashboard and Husarnet Websetup

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* There is also a self-hosted version of Husarnet Base Servers and Dashboard available.

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Traffic goes directly between devices with Husarnet client installed, over the internet. With no central cloud in between.

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Works with existing apps

Works in Background

Husarnet creates a virtual network interface hnet0 on top of your OS. You don’t need to modify your existing code.

Getting Started on Linux



From ROS perspective, Husarnet is simply a LAN network. Our tools are ROS aware and can help you configure and monitor your ROS network.

Works with ROS and ROS 2

Security Privacy

Security & Privacy

Security architecture exceeding industry standards. Your data never leaves your device unencrypted. Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFC) enabled by default.

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Low Latency

Low Latency

Devices communicate directly over the internet, using lowest latency path. If your devices are in the single network the traffic between them goes only within that network.



Husarnet doesn’t need Base Server after the initial discovery phase. Multiple, redundant Husarnet Base servers keep your devices connected.

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Husarnet works with ROS (Robot Operating System) out of the box - both ROS and ROS2. If you have your robotic fleet or swarm working in the same LAN network, you can easily make it work over the Internet - just install Husarnet Client on each of your robots and connect them to the same Husarnet network.

It doesn't matter whether your robots are UGVs, robotic arms, or drones, or if they connect over Wi-Fi, LTE or Ethernet - Husarnet is a right tool to allow them to talk to each other.

What Husarnet will provide your robotic fleet:

  • Virtual LAN network: not limited to one Wi-Fi router.
  • Data will never leave your robot unencrypted: you don't need to care about it on ROS level.
  • Peer-to-peer connection: if they are in the same or neighboring networks the traffic will stay in your internal network with low latency.
  • Low reconfiguration time: if your mobile robot is switching from one Wi-Fi router to another, or to LTE, Husarnet in most cases needs only 1 - 2s to allow other devices be able to send packets to the robot.

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Husarnet works not only on PCs or laptops, but also on devices with limited computing power and memory. It will work smoothly on your RaspberryPi and even on a microcontroller. We ported Husarnet to one of the most popular Wi-Fi microcontrollers worldwide - ESP32.

What Husarnet will provide to your IoT/IIoT network:

  • Privacy & security for end-users: they can control their smart bulbs without passing data through manufacturers servers.
  • IoT device without IoT cloud:your smartphone app can talk to your smart garage over the internet directly, without any API server in between.
  • Reliability:no API server means your IoT device will work if connected to the internet. DDoS attack on IoT platforms can disable the whole IoT network. That is not the case for Husarnet.

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Thanks to Husarnet cars and smart city infrastructure can talk to each other with low latency, without a dedicated data link. Just use standard cellular infrastructure to connect vehicles with other vehicles (V2V) or with anything else (V2X).

What Husarnet will provide your automotive use case:

  • Low latency connection: between your devices over the Internet using existing network infrastructure.
  • High immunity to hacker attacks: thanks to decentralized nature of Husarnet.
  • Lower total internet traffic and less expensive scaling of your solution: if your devices are close to each other, the traffic goes locally and you don't need to provide a central supercomputer just to make communication between your devices available.

Husarnet is a VPN. And like any other VPN you can use that to connect your laptops, servers and smartphones together. In typical personal or business VPN use cases Husarnet is also special, and this is why:

  • You don't need to host a VPN server: and we don't need to, because Husarnet is decentralized.
  • Unlimited data exchange: Husarnet cares about having your devices peer-to-peer connected. We don't care whether you send 1kB, 1GB or 1TB per month - we even can't physically check it, because your data doesn't go through our servers.
  • Privacy: you don't need to trust your VPN infrastructure provider. In Husarnet having a backdoor to your data during data exchange over the internet is impossible by design, because there is no central VPN server with access to all of your data.

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