Global LAN network

Connect your devices using secure P2P network layer for robots and IoT with first class ROS support.

Global LAN network

Connect your devices using secure P2P network layer for robots and IoT with first class ROS support.

Connect your devices. Directly.

Devices with Husarnet Client installed communicate with each other directly, without any “central cloud” forwarding traffic.

Husarnet Base servers are used only when your devices acquire new IP address or join a new network, to help them find each other over the internet.
1. Install Husarnet by executing in the Linux terminal:
$ curl | sudo bash
2. Create virtual network by executing:
$ sudo husarnet websetup
3. That's all! All your devices are in the same network. Ping them with their hostname:
$ ping6 yourDeviceName

Try it

It works on variety of devices...


It just has to be internet connected and powered by ROS.


Outsource computing power, manage fleets of robots, run dedicated UIs.


Use our microcontroller SDK to connect low cost & low power devices with the rest of your system.

Mobile phone

Create your own Husarnet-connected app using our Android SDK or choose from one of the existing ones


Traffic goes directly between the devices with Husarnet client installed, over the internet. With no central cloud in between.
Works with existing apps
Husarnet runs in the background as a separate operating system process. You don’t need to modify your existing code to make it work with Husarnet.
Designed for ROS
From ROS perspective, Husarnet is simply a LAN network. Our tools are ROS aware and can help you configure and monitor the ROS network.
Security & privacy
Security architecture exceeding industry standards. Your data never leaves your device unencrypted and is not accessible even by us.
Low latency
Devices communicate directly through the internet, using lowest latency path. If your devices are in a single network, they exchange traffic only within that network.
Husarnet doesn't need to contact servers after the initial discovery phase. Husarnet doesn't need internet connection at all for local network communication.

Use cases

Husarnet creates a virtual local network for all your devices.
It doesn't matter whether they are connected through LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet - they act like they were in a single, private network.

It's a perfect solution for applications such as:
automated factory
drone delivery systems
autonomous vehicles

... and if you want to simply connect to your robot using your laptop, the same way as if it was in your LAN network.



$0.00 / Mo

Credit card not required
Free for private use only
Up to 5 connected devices
Unlimited data exchanged
No guaranteed support
Non-commercial use


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