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Career at Husarnet

Current open positions:

Generalist developer

Location: Remote with occasional meetings in Kraków (2 per month max on average) or our office in Kraków (up to you)

Agreement types: B2B, (Polish) UoP

TLDR: We're looking for a "generalist" archetype developer that will feel comfortable moving between topics quickly and adjusting to current needs of the product. If you're a specialist in one (or more) topics - we may not have enough workload for a full-time position, but if your specialization is wide and overlapping enough - we may have something for you either way. We are hiring both talented students and devs with 5+ years of experience, because it is not seniority that is a key aspect for us but proactivity and passion for technology.

We won't be looking at your formal education - instead show us your Github profile/tell us about your past (not necessarily commercial) projects/hobbies/achievements you want to brag about.

How we work

We're using Github Projects, Zulip and Hedgedoc for majority of our communication, knowledge sharing and management. Emails and VCs are on Google's platform. Code hosting is on Github. Your working hours are up to you. We do have biweekly meetings (either via VC or in person in our office in Kraków). You won't be micromanaged, most of the tasks we're leaving for ourselves are super high-level and all the nitty-gritty details are up to you. Sharing feedback and brainstorms are more than welcome. We are doing pair-programming and "working groups" for specific tasks/projects if needed. Some of the code we're writing is open source which may be a benefit to your future employer (you'll want to stay here though :P).

Main axis of interest

We do expect you to feel comfortable (not necessarily proficient - comfortable is enough) at at least two of those axis. If you fancy you'll be given opportunities to learn the rest of them, but we already have people covering most of the bases so you won't be forced to.

Client app developmentWeb developmentBackend appsDevops/Infra
LanguagesC++, GoJavaScript, TypeScriptC++, PythonPython, Bash
PlatformsLinux, Windows, ESP32, AndroidDesktop browsersLinuxLinux, Github, tiny bits on Windows
TechnologiesSodium, CMakeDocusaurus, ReactDjangoDocker, LXC, Ansible, Github Actions
DescriptionWe have a very lightweight core C++ code (due to limitations on platforms like ESP32) that's being built into actual apps for particular platforms. In addition to the core - most platforms ship with CLI written in Go and control panel written in Type Script. You'll find code for those on!Most of the web development here is made around our main control panel and our landing/documentation page This frontend is due to have some major changes done so you'll have a say about the technologies we will be using in the future.Right now our backend services are written in C++ (Base Servers) and Python ( - Django). It's a part where there's always something to be done so if you like backend stuff - you'll like it here ;)This is a part that we're gradually modernizing while doing regular upgrades. Depending on your interests you'll either be able to make a huge revamp or do almost nothing of it.

Things that help

Networking stack. We're developing a networking product so at least some domain knowledge will definitely help. Don't worry tough - we're eager to teach each other if needed so you won't be left alone.

ROS and robotics. Most of our clients at the moment are working on some kind of robotics/edge/IoT solutions. You'll not only have a chance to play with some robots on site (we're good friend with but also remotely while assisting our clients.

Interpersonal skills. Most of the time we're working on self-assigned tasks, but from time to time those tasks are coming from our clients. So far our most succesfull way of helping them was via a video conference working with them, on their systems.

Writing/teaching skills. One of the ways of supporting clients and releasing new features is through blog posts ( After you complete large client-facing tasks you'll be expected to write at least a stub of a blog post so we can teach users how to take advantage of it and grow further.

English. Most of the day to day communication is done in Polish, but we do speak to clients in English and have all our user-facing documents written in English. You don't have to be perfect at it, but you definitely must not be scared of speaking/writing it.

Git. Yeah - Github wants git - so do we. You'll need to know how to make branches and do pull requests only. Everything else is up to you.