Low Latency VPN For a Remote Office

Connect laptops, servers and smartphones of your employees together into one peer-to-peer VPN network.

Easy Setup

You don't need to host a VPN server because Husarnet works peer-to-peer. Our Base Servers are used only to help your devices find and connect to each other. They also make sure the connection is not interrupted. All of that achieved with no static IPs and behind firewalls and NATs.

Cost Efficient

You pay only for the amount of connected devices, not the amount of data you exchange.

Husarnet only care is making sure your devices are peer-to-peer connected. We don't care (and don't know) whether you exchange 1kB, 1GB or 1TB of data per month - we can't even physically check it, because your data doesn't go through our servers at any point.

Here you can compare a total VPN price for Husarnet and a popular cloud based solution.

Security & Privacy

Security was a key aspect we had in mind when designing Husarnet.

Cryptography: Husarnet uses X25519 from libsodium for key exchange, with ephemeral Curve25519 keys for forward secrecy. The packets are encrypted using libsodium ChaCha20-Poly1305 secretbox construction with random 192-bit nonce.

You don't need to trust your VPN infrastructure provider any more. When using Husarnet, a backdoor to your data over the internet is impossible by design, because there is no central VPN server with access to each of the connected devices.

Case Study

Husarnet provides lower latency then popular VPN solutions beacuse of peer-to-peer architecture and is very easy to use at the same time. Read more about how it can be used below.

  • Remote Desktop

    You can connect to your office computer over the web browser with the lowest possible lag. Read how to do that in our blog post

  • Set-up a Private Team Chat

    Convert a popular LAN chat to work over the Internet without passing data through any central server.

  • Host a Private Website

    You can easily get access to a specific web service like password manager, or self-hosted file hosting software, without exposing it to the Internet over the static IP address, and hiding it behing a firewall. At the same time you can easily decide who will have access to that web service. Read our blog post to learn how.

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