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Husarnet Documentation

With Husarnet you can connect any device (laptops, servers, VMs, containers, microcontrollers etc.) with any interface (Wi-Fi, LTE/5G, Ethernet) into a peer-to-peer Virtual Private Network that works over the Internet with no configuration.

If you want to know more about the internals How Husarnet works is a great start.


Our preferred way of support is through Husarnet Community.

If you want you can reach us at too.

Husarnet Dashboard

Husarnet Dashboard is a platform for managing all your Client instances. You can create groups/check statuses/rename nodes and a lot more there.

In the Husarnet Dashboard Quick Start guide, you'll find all the important bits and pieces of information to become a poweruser.

Husarnet Client

Husarnet Client is open source and available for all supported platforms at:

You'll find guides for all the platforms in the sidebar on the left, in the "Platforms" section.