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· 19 min read
Dominik Nowak

At Husarnet, we’re streamlining ROS 2 networking across the Internet to be as easy and reliable as possible.

We're introducing the new husarnet/ros2router Docker image, which allows you to easily bridge ROS 2 nodes running across different robots, servers, or laptops in various networks. It features built-in topic filtering, enabling you to decide in real-time which ROS 2 interface should be exposed to remote hosts.

There's no need to change your DDS settings. Simply run our Docker image alongside your existing ROS 2 application, regardless of whether it's running on a host or inside Docker containers.

Discover how to integrate husarnet/ros2router with your robots, computers, or multi-tenant cloud applications and understand how it works in the following sections.

Husarnet ROS2Router cover

· 4 min read
Dominik Nowak

We are excited to introduce Husarnet-DDS, a tool designed to simplify the configuration of Husarnet for your ROS 2 applications. Husarnet-DDS is an open-source utility that automatically generates DDS XML configuration files compatible with both Cyclone DDS and Fast DDS.

Before Husarnet-DDS, users had to manually create and fill out XML profile files each time a new device was added to the Husarnet network. This process was not only tedious but also error-prone, often resulting in issues such as typos that required troubleshooting.

Husarnet DDS released

· 4 min read
Paweł Kozubal

Roughly a year ago we have released the version of Husarnet that most of you are familiar with. At that time we started thinking more and more about core users of Husarnet and what would make their experience better. Our most important conclusion was that our users are mostly power users who first of all know how to program and secondly want a semless integration of Husarnet with their own products and creations. In order to accomodate this we started a pivot in our design choices to make Husarnet API-centric. This means that not only Dashboard API is now available for all users but also Husarnet Daemon can be controlled via an HTTP API. This should enable all of you to treat Husarnet as a building block for your products much more easily.

Husarnet 2.0 released