Current open positons:

C++/Python developer

Main responsibilites: development of new Husarnet functionalities and infrastructure scaling.


Husarnet is a tech company working on low latency connectivity technology which is used in emerging and rapidly growing market segments such as autonomous robots or industrial IoT. While being part of our team you will have an opportunity to take a part in developing breaking edge technologies from the area of cybersecurity, networking, robotics and AI. You will have a real impact on the direction of development of new functionalities working in a friendly, developer-centric environment, surrounded by talented (and it’s not a buzzword) team.

Who are we looking for?

A C++/Python developer that has a very good understanding of computer networks from a programming perspective on any level of seniority and industrial experience. We are hiring both talented students and devs with 5+ years of experience, because it is not seniority that is a key aspect for us but proactivity and passion for technology. The main responsibilities will be: developing new functionalities, scaling the infrastructure and supporting customers with new implementations.

What technologies are required?

  • Advanced Linux
  • Good knowledge of computers network from C++ programmer's perspective (mainly 3th and 4th layer of ISO/OSI model)
  • C++ - advanced/intermediate
  • Python - advanced

Technologies that are an advantage:

  • knowledge of the Python Django framework
  • knowledge of the Bootstrap framework
  • knowledge of virtualization and containerization technologies: LXC, Docker, libvirt

Example tasks:

  • development of the Husarnet Client application and the Husarnet Base Server in C ++
  • Husarnet Dashboard development (
  • administration and scaling of Husarnet infrastructure
  • supporting clients in Husarnet implementation projects
  • creating sample projects and tutorials using Husarnet

Will be highly appreciated by us:

  • Being a part of open source projects
  • Having a GitHub/Gitlab account with many contributions
  • Interesting projects you have done in the past
  • If you were awarded in programming contests in the past
  • Advanced English language skills


  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office possible
  • Computer equipment according to your needs
  • No dress code