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Troubleshooting Husarnet on Linux

I want to uninstall Husarnet completely and make the system forget the device

Typically, when you uninstall Husarnet and install it again, IPv6 address of the device is the same as previously, so our infrastructure is aware that this is the same device. In most cases it is OK. Sometimes however, something went wrong and we want to start anew completely. In this case, after uninstalling, you have to delete Husarnet data folder. On Linux systems, it will be /var/lib/husarnet. By deleting this folder you clean up completely, i.e. you make it like Husarnet was never installed on your device.

Can't connect to Husarnet device by hostname, but by IPv6 it works

Hostnames of the devices in Husarnet network are stored in /etc/hosts in lines with # managed by Husarnet comment. They are modified automatically by the Husarnet Daemon. See if the hostname is present in /etc/hosts.

Chrome and Chromium-based browsers don't use hosts file to resolve hostnames. Firefox should work ok.

SSH connection issue

On some machines, before accessing them over SSH ($ssh user@husarnet_hostname command) you might see the following error:

ssh: connect to host husarnet_hostname port 22: Connection refused

To overcome that issue, execute in the terminal of the device you are trying to reach over SSH:

sudo apt-get install ssh
service ssh restart